Freebies · Printable

We all love freebies right?

Here are some that will hopefully help you organize your projects.

Yarn and hook info: Ever wonder what hook goes with what weight yarn? Or what weights are the same? This can help!

Yarn Themed Calendar: This cute calendar in undated so you can begin using it whenever you’d like.

WIP tags: Never forget what hook you’re using or where you found the pattern. These little tags will help you keep all the info right with the project. You could also use them to plan future projects!

Gift tags: Let people know you made that awesome gift!

Project Timeline: Plan out your work so it gets done when you need it to. You can chop up your project into little goals and work on it piece by piece!

I hope these help you organize your crochet projects and time! For my subscribers there is also a complete Crochet Planner, including a section to write down your favorite stitches or stitches you want to learn!

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