HY&C Stitch Dictionary

I am passionate about teaching new crochet stitches and skills. In that spirit I am beginning a stitch dictionary! Each month on the third Tuesday I will add a stitch. Each page will include the name, alternate names that I know of, the multiple, ideal projects, a picture, and a swatch pattern.

When you’re done you can store your swatch in a page protector with the dictionary page and put it in a binder or maybe make squares and use them to make a blanket.

I hope you enjoy this dictionary. If there are any stitches you want to learn post them in the comments below and I’ll add them! My premium subscribers will get the entire dictionary in a PDF with title page. If you are interested in becoming a premium member check it out here!

Premium Member Dictionary (with picture tutorials) Coming Soon!

Stitch #1: Lemon Peel

Stitch #2: Puff Stitch

Stitch #3: V stitch

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