Free Pattern · Washcloth Collection 2021

Washcloth Collection 2021

This year I am releasing a washcloth pattern every two weeks (or so) that will teach you a new stitch. Some will be lacy and others will be more solid. I will be posting the list here so you can find them all in one place. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can find it again easily. Below are the washcloths released so far:

Washcloth 1: Ripple

Washcloth 2: Silt

Washcloth 3: Grit

Washcloth 4: Extended single crochet

Washcloth 5: Tulip

Washcloth 6: DC Lace

Washcloth 7: Paris washcloth

Washcloth 8: Spring Windows

Washcloth 9: Yellow Checks

Washcloth 10: Rena Washcloth

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