What am I working on??

Hi there! Thank you for visiting me today! For this post I thought I’d share some of my upcoming projects. I have several to share including one for my premium subscribers and the rest will be free. Interested in being a premium member? Hit subscribe at the top of the page!

The first project I’m going to share is one you know about if you’ve been following me: the washcloth collection. I thought you might enjoy seeing what is in store for the rest of the year. I recently finished them and although I don’t have pics yet of all of them individually, I snapped a few for this post.

The second project is one that will be coming out later in the year. It’s a densely textured lapghan I designed for and gifted to my grandmother. It’s called the Rena Lapghan in her honor. This is a super simple project, with a one row repeat. And it only uses one stitch: the single crochet! It’s just a matter of placement.

Detail of texture
My little helper, Hopper

The third project I’m working on is probably my favorite design to date. It’s not finished yet, but I can already tell it will be as pretty as I imagined it, if not more so. It is silky soft, and I think it will block well which will accentuate the fan component. I’m concerned it will be longer than anticipated but for a wrap I don’t really consider that a bad thing.

Another project I’m working on is a cat blanket! It’s nice and colorful since I used scraps from a previous project. I love how the colors accentuate the stitch, which is super simple.

Finally the premium pattern. This is a bag that I designed with the idea of it being used as a market bag or even a beach bag. It has a very open fabric so if you plan on carrying smaller items in it, I suggest putting them in a smaller pouch. If you want to get your hands on this pattern, don’t forget to subscribe here. It’s only $30 a year and will include exclusive patterns like this one, coupon codes, freebies (including PDF patterns), and more.

Detail of lacy body

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak peek!

If you’d like to keep up with what I’m working on, don’t forget to join my Mighty Network which you can do for free at the top of the page. We share pics of what we’re working on, ask questions, and more!

Which pattern is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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