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HY&C Stitch #3

The third stitch of the stitch dictionary is the V stitch. This stitch creates a beautiful fabric with a lot of mesh. It’s easy to do and can even be used as an increase method. The stitches and number of chains can vary so this is just a tutorial for the basic V stitch. Experiment by using different stitches and chain counts to see which is your favorite. Need more help? Premium members get step by step picture tutorials. Subscribe today!

Detail of V Stitch

In this example a V stitch = (DC, ch 1, DC) all in one chain space.

Chain 21.

Step 1: DC in the 4th chain from your hook. Ch 1, DC in next.

*Skip 1 chain. DC in the next chain. Ch 1, DC in the next chain.*

Repeat to last chain. DC in last chain. Turn.

Step 2: Chain 3. Skip 2 DC

*V stitch in the chain 1 space. Skip 2 DC*

Repeat across, ending with skip last DC and work 1 DC in the turning chain.

Repeat 2 until your piece reaches the desired size.

As I said, the type of stitch used and the number of chains used can both vary so make sure to read the pattern and pattern notes to ensure you do it correctly. This stitch is great for market bags or to add a lacy aspect to a piece. There is so much you can use this stitch for so I hope you’ve enjoyed learning it and if you need more help don’t forget to subscribe so you can get the step-by-step picture tutorial!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you make something beautiful with this stitch!


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