Free pattern!

Nothing says summer more than sitting outside drinking a cold beverage. Preferably by the pool. Now what do you need to protect your furniture (or your glass if you’re putting it on concrete?) Coasters!!

This pattern is a super easy, super quick way to use up a little bit of cotton or cotton blend yarn while creating something useful! And pretty!

These coasters use the linen stitch, which is also known by many other names: granite stitch, seed stitch, and woven stitch.

I hope you enjoy this pattern! If you’d like to use this pattern for something else I have a washcloth that uses this pattern. Or you can use it to make anything from coasters to scarves to blankets. Just chain a multiple of 2 and follow the pattern!

Linen stitch washcloth

Without further ado, here’s how to make these simple coasters.

• DESCRIPTION: Very simple, these coasters are great for using up scraps of cotton. They would make a great addition to a housewarming gift.

• GAUGE & SIZING: Gauge isn’t important for this project and the finished size is roughly 3″ square.


ch = chain

st = stitch

sp = space

SC = single crochet

* * = Repeat what is in asterisks the indicated number of times

NOTE: The ch 1 spaces are between the Vs when looking at your piece from the side so you will be working your SCs between the Vs.


12 yards (6 g) of cotton or cotton blend yarn. These samples were done in Dishie Solids by Knit Picks in the colors Mint and Ash.

4 mm hook

Tapestry needle


Ch 16.

1. SC in 2nd chain from hook.

*Ch 1, sk 1, SC in next.*

Repeat across and turn.

2. Ch 1, sk first SC.

*SC in ch 1 sp, ch 1, sk 1*

Repeat across and turn.

Repeat 2 until piece reaches stated measurements or desired size.


Weave in your ends:

Thread the needle with one yarn tail. Weave the needle back through several stitches, about an inch. Turn and go back through, beginning in the second stitch from needle. Repeat once more. Repeat with any other yarn tails. Snip the tails.

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this pattern and I’d love to see what you make with it!

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