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HY&C Stitch #4

I totally forgot to post this! I’ll post the 5th stitch next week and then November’s stitch the week after that. Our fourth stitch is the Filet Mesh Stitch. This stitch is great for adding open sections to your projects. It’s sturdier than most “lacy” stitches and is quite distinctive. It’s great for light throws, market bags, and shawls.

Detail of Filet Mesh Stitch

The Filet Mesh Stitch has a multiple of 2, so any even number will work.

Chain 20

1. DC in the 6th ch from hook.

*Ch 1, sk 1, DC in next ch.*

Repeat across. Turn.

2. Ch 4 (Counts as 1 DC + 1 ch)

Sk 1, DC in next DC,

*ch 1, DC in next DC.*.

Repeat across.

Repeat 2 until your piece reaches desired size.

If you’d like a detailed photo tutorial for this stitch, you can subscribe as a premium member here and get this and other goodies like free patterns and a complete dictionary with cover page. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you make something beautiful with this stitch!


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