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HY&C Stitch #5

I forgot to post September’s stitch so I posted that last week. This is October’s stitch and it is one of my favorite stitches. It can be used to create so many different looks just by changing how often you change color. It’s called by many names: linen, woven, moss, and granite. And probably a few I’m not aware of. I tend to use woven and linen the most and will use them interchangeably in this post. But first, what does it look like?

Linen stitch, changing color for 1 row.
Detail of Linen Stitch changing color for 3 rows.

The multiple for this stitch is any even number. So chain any multiple of two and then follow the tutorial below until you reach your desired size.

If you’d like a detailed photo tutorial for this stitch, or just want all of the stitches now, you can subscribe as a premium member here. You’ll get this is a nice printer friendly format plus other goodies like free patterns and a complete dictionary with cover page.

On to the tutorial!!

Chain 20

1. Sc in 4th ch from hook.

*Ch 1, sk 1, SC in next.*

Repeat across. Turn.

2. Ch 2 (Counts as a SC),

SC in first ch sp.

*Ch 1, SC in next ch sp.*

Repeat across. Turn

Repeat 2 until your piece reaches desired size.

I hope you enjoy this stitch and use it to make something amazing! See the other released stitches by clicking on the “dictionary” tag at the bottom of the page. Remember you can always subscribe and get the complete dictionary with photo tutorials and a cover page, plus other goodies like free PDFs, exclusive patterns, and more!


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