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Premium bag pattern!

Hi there! This pattern is a premium pattern for my subscribers. If you'd like to subscribe you can do that here. Subscribing will open up additional patterns, coupon codes, and more! This bag is great as a market bag or even a project bag as long as you put your small items in a pouch.… Continue reading Premium bag pattern!

Free Pattern · Washcloth Collection 2021

Washcloth #13 ~ Arches Washcloth

The Arches Washcloth is probably one of the quickest washcloths of the collection. It is so easy I've designed a wrap using the same pattern! It will be available later this year. This washcloth is a bit more open than most of them so it would be better suited for light duty uses like bathing… Continue reading Washcloth #13 ~ Arches Washcloth

Free Pattern · Washcloth Collection 2021

Washcloth #12 ~ Easy Washcloth

Hello! Today's post is a super easy washcloth. The pictures really don't do it justice. The texture is absolutely gorgeous. It has a beautiful dense appearance with a lovely drape. This washcloth would make the perfect gift for someone moving into their first home or paired with some luxury soap as a birthday gift. This… Continue reading Washcloth #12 ~ Easy Washcloth

Free Pattern · Washcloth Collection 2021

Washcloth #11 ~ Linen Washcloth

Hi there! I'm glad you joined me this weekend. Today I have a lovely washcloth made with a perennial favorite among crocheters - the Linen stitch. You may also see this stitch referred to as the Moss stitch, the Woven stitch, the Seed stitch, and even the Granite stitch. As popular as this stitch is,… Continue reading Washcloth #11 ~ Linen Washcloth