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HY&C Stitch #6

November's stitch is the blanket stitch. I love this stitch because it makes a solid, textured fabric which you can see below. This solidity is what makes it perfect for blankets. It uses a simple combination of basic stitches, so it's great for newbies as well as oldies who need a quick, simple pattern. The… Continue reading HY&C Stitch #6

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We all love freebies right?

Here are some that will hopefully help you organize your projects. Yarn and hook info: Ever wonder what hook goes with what weight yarn? Or what weights are the same? This can help! yarn-hooks-2-1Download Yarn Themed Calendar: This cute calendar in undated so you can begin using it whenever you'd like. undated-calenderDownload WIP tags: Never… Continue reading We all love freebies right?