Just a quick note

Hi guys, this is just a little note to let you know I’m going to be taking a break for a little bit. I just need some time off for some personal reasons. Thank you all for the support you’ve given me so far. *hugs*

2 thoughts on “Just a quick note

  1. Hi Amber! I haven’t been communicating much. My daughter has moved out and is moving away, my granddaughter isn’t communicating with me and I have no clue why, I am not going out because of covid again, and I’m fighting depression every day.  I‘ve been wondering how you are. I am having a stress test and a sonar of my heart done tomorrow. You take care of you! Love ❤️  Deena

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    1. Oh hon I’m so sorry. It sounds like you have so much going on.
      I’m sorry about your granddaughter. It can be hard when people won’t even tell us what is going on. I hope the tests go (went) well. I’ve thought of you too, wondering if everything was okay, since you’d gone kind of quiet. I really hope things turn around for all of us! *hugs*


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